Accident insurance

When a traffic accident occurs, the person involved is entitled to compensation for all damages. This applies equally to the driver, passengers and other persons who may be injured.

Compensation for leisure accidents is generally not extensive and even none at all. However, the person who injures themselves in his/her leisure time may be entitled to compensation from his/her insurance company if it is included in the person´s home or family insurance.

If an employee has been injured in an accident at work, he or she may be entitled to compensation from the employer´s insurance. This may be compensation from the accident insurance of the employer that the employer is obligated to have under collective agreements.

When fishermen have an accident at work, it doesn´t matter if the accident can be attributed to mistakes or neglect. Fishermen are entitled to compensation for the consequences of an accident and all the damage they suffer.

Those who are physically assaulted are usually entitled to compensation from the perpetrator. It is important that the person who is physically assaulted goes to the police and files a complaint and seeks the assistance of an attorney to claim damages in a criminal case if the perpetrator is charged.

Anyone can make a mistake. Those who suffer physical injury caused by a health professional can be entitled to compensation based on the act of patient insurance, regardless of the fault of the person responsible for the injury. This applies both to hospitals and private practices.

Athletes who injure themselves during training and competitions may be entitled to compensation from the Icelandic Health Insurance and/or the insurance company of the relevant sports club.

A child´s right to compensation is generally the same as the right of an adult to compensation. If a child, for example, is involved in a traffic or leisure accident, the right to compensation is the same. The same goes for assault and sexual abuse.